Tableau Server vs Desktop: Comparison

March 1, 2017     Business Strategy & Perspectives

Tableau Server is needed to scale Tableau to the enterprise and achieve true self-service capabilities. But Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server are rapidly converging their end-user development capabilities. So what are the differences between the two products and how do you determine which users get which license? In this blog, we’ll answer these questions and outline the conditions best suited for deploying Server.


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Dynamic Cubes: Detail Filters or Slicers?

February 22, 2017     Tips & Tricks

If you said “Slicers” think again. Working with a client recently, we came across some issues with reporting against Dynamic Cubes and determining when to use a Detail Filter or Slicer. We got on the horn with an IBM rep who has deep knowledge of the architecture of Dynamic Cubes. He shared insight that sort of blew our minds.


Accessing SAP HANA Live Data Via IBM Cognos

February 16, 2017     Business Strategy & Perspectives

While SAP ERP is an integral part of the enterprise, extracting user-friendly data from it can be difficult. Companies are turning to SAP HANA and SAP HANA Live views in order to get flexibility and performance when querying large amounts of data. But, SAP HANA Live views are not easily accessible in all reporting and analytic toolsets, such as Cognos. We examine how one client successfully integrated Cognos with SAP HANA Live.