Performing Advanced Analytics with Tableau

February 8, 2018     Business Strategy & Perspectives

Tableau continues to beef up its capabilities for advanced analytics, providing built-in functions as well as integrations with third-party data science packages. In this blog post, we review the various methods of performing advanced analytics (Tableau’s built-in functions, integrated with Tableau, free standing analytics programing languages as well as enterprise software programs) and their pros and cons.


Tableau + Cognos + Senturus: Aero Precision Saves $100K Annually

December 1, 2017     Business Strategy & Perspectives

The Senturus Analytics Connector enabled Aero Precision to say so long to time consuming static reports and achieve its vision for producing automated, interactive, at-a-glance Tableau dashboards using live Cognos data. Numbers – and formatting – are consistent across reports, critical markers and historical trending are finally being surfaced, and they are saving $100K annually in one department alone.