Finishing What They Started

A Deep Dive into Tableau Dashboard Starters for Salesforce

The latest release of Tableau Online includes “Dashboard Starters” — pre-built dashboards for use with Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua and ServiceNow ITSM.

In this webinar our Salesforce and Tableau experts will do a deep dive into the Dashboard Starters for Salesforce. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to turn the Starters into the finished products that decision-makers really need.

Topics will include:

  • How to refine the Starters to get them to work with your Salesforce data, including your custom fields
  • How to determine which components of the Starters are relevant to the way your organization uses Salesforce
  • Whether to modify or rebuild the Starters to include the functionality most important to your decision makers
  • How to incorporate key metrics not available in the base Salesforce tables
  • How to address exceptionally long data refresh times when modifying the Starters
  • How to acquire dashboard starters if you are not using Tableau Online

Greg Herrera
President and Co-Founder
Senturus, Inc.

Greg co-founded Senturus in 2001. He has been helping clients implement Salesforce analytic solutions since 2003, Marketo analytics since 2011 and Tableau visualizations and dashboards since 2014.

Monica Van Loon
Solutions Architect
Senturus, Inc.

Monica is a Tableau-certified consultant and trainer and has been delivering Tableau-based solutions for Senturus clients for over two years.