Computer Based Training

Senturus computer based training (CBT) is a great option for companies that have more than 100 employees requiring training on the same business analytics topic. Our CBT course offering and descriptions are listed below. If you don’t see the topic you need, let us know. We can develop the course for you.


IBM Cognos Analytics Overview and New Features (Jumpstart)

Suggested attendees: New and existing, business and professional report authors. Current Cognos BI authors will learn what has changed in Cognos Analytics (v11) and new authors will learn what is possible.

Estimated time to complete course: 6 – 8 hours

Class outline:

Report Consumers:

  • Become familiar with the IBM Congos Analytics interface
  • Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics (Cognos v11) platform
  • Navigate the new user interface
  • Key comparison of reporting authoring in Cognos BI 10 to Cognos Analytics
  • Subscriptions, scheduling, report bursting
  • Automate report delivery, subscriptions and bursting options
  • Set personal preferences
  • Use report outputs (HTML, Excel, PDF)
  • Create report views

Report Authors: Fundamentals of Report Authoring

  • Create a new report
  • Create list, crosstab and visual reports
  • Sort and group lists and crosstabs
  • Focus reports using filters and prompts
  • Calculations
  • Use conditional formatting to highlight exceptional data
  • Work with dimensionally-modeled relational and dimensional data sources

Report Authors: Use Personal Data and Create Dashboards

  • Upload data files to IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Customize dashboards
  • Create a simple dashboard
  • Format, filtered and customized dashboard objects
  • Save and add the dashboard to team content
  • Set the dashboard as the home page

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  • IBM Cognos Self-Service Analytics with Dashboards and Data Modules Jumpstart

    Suggested attendees: Self-service consumers and others interested in learning how to perform light data modeling (data blending) and produce interactive visual displays and dashboards. Exercises are designed to be light and provide a basic proficiency with the relevant tools (not mastery).

    Estimated time to complete course: Half day

    Class outline:

    Upload Local Files for Analysis

    • Overview dashboarding and data modules in IBM Cognos Analytics
    • Use local files for analysis and visualization
    • Upload a Microsoft Excel worksheet

    Link Local Files and Packages with Data Modules

    • Create a data module combining a spreadsheet and a package
    • Understand and create joins

    Fundamentals of Data Modeling

    • Review fundamental data modeling concepts
    • Describe the different options for cardinality
    • Understand the benefit of a join filter

    Create Joins, Calculations and Custom Data Groupings

    • Review our join relationships and insure proper aggregation
    • Create a custom calculation
    • Create a custom group

    Create Dashboards Using Layout and Type

    • Create a dashboard from our data module
    • Use layout and a template

    Create and Customize Visualizations from Your Data Sources

    • Drag data onto the dashboard
    • Customize visualizations

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    IBM Cognos Analytics (v11) New Features for Experienced Authors (Jumpstart)

    Suggested attendees: Experienced professional authors familiar with building reports in either Report Studio or Cognos Workspace Advanced.  Exercises are designed to be light and provide a basic proficiency with the relevant tools (not mastery).

    Estimated time to complete course: Half day

    Class outline:

    Cognos Analytics Overview

    • Reports, dashboards and data modules (overview, no hands-on)

    Creating New Reports

    • New vs. legacy templates
    • Adding report data
    • Creating calculations

    Navigating the UI

    • Data, toolbox and navigate areas
      • Connecting to packages and data modules
      • Exploring report pages, queries and advanced conditions
    • Using the properties pane
    • On-demand toolbars
    • Where did my menus go?
    • Design vs. preview
    • Right-click vs. […]

    Inserting Objects

    • Toolbox grouping
    • Pinning tools and reordering

    Report Distributions and Automation

    • Navigating the portal
    • Using Cognos viewer
    • Subscriptions and preferences

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    Data Visualization and Dashboarding Fundamentals with Tableau Desktop (Jumpstart)

    Suggested attendees: Business analysts and consumers of business intelligence information. Exercises are designed to be light and provide a basic proficiency with the relevant tools (not mastery).

    Estimated time to complete course: Half day

    Class outline:

    Review the Tableau Product Line

    • Understand the value of Tableau
    • Review Tableau Desktop, Server, Viewer and Public
    • Overview of the Tableau Desktop user interface
    • Introduce the Desktop product

    Create a Simple Worksheet

    • Discuss terminology
    • Create views via drag and drop
    • Enhance views with sorting and filtering

    Introduction to Calculated Fields

    • Create calculated fields
    • Base calculations on formulas, fields and other calculations

    Format Visualizations for Best Practice Presentation

    • Use marks
    • Explore various visualization types

    Work with Maps

    • Display geographical results with map displays
    • Customize maps

    Create Dashboards

    • Add sheets to dashboards
    • Customize dashboards with visualizations and other features

    Put Views Together in a Story

    • Understand how stories can organize and present your results

    Publishing and Sharing

    • Understand how Tableau Server and Tableau Public can be used to share your results

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