Analytics Connector v2 is Now Available!

July 31, 2017     News & Events

We first released our Analytics Connector back in late 2015. Since then, we’ve been hard at work fine tuning it and working with clients to incorporate changes they wanted to see.

Our recent v2 release includes some great new functionality and admin features. Most important, the Analytics Connector now includes support for MicroStrategy as well as Cognos, giving organizations expanded Tableau support for these popular BI platforms.

If you’re not familiar with the Analytics Connector, it lets you use Cognos – and now MicroStrategy – as data sources for Tableau. Out of the box, Tableau does not connect to these BI platforms. That means rather than working all that clean, governed data, Tableau users resort to hugely time consuming efforts in Excel remodeling source data. This process doesn’t just recreate the wheel, it potentially compromises data security and data integrity to boot.

The Senturus Analytics Connector solves all these issues. Connecting through the ODBC layer and then applying a simple drag-and-drop interface, the Analytics Connector allows Tableau users to tap directly into the  Cognos and MicroStrategy data.

Here is how our client Steve Kiser at Ixia put it in a webinar he did with us: “The Analytics Connector easily and instantaneously gets us better time utilization for our analysts…it’s a MASSIVE savings.”

Pretty impressive, right? We think so. To learn more details about updates and benefits, check out the Senturus Analytics Connector for Tableau webpage and the press release.

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