If your company has five or more individuals that require instruction on the same topic, consider private group training from Senturus. This cost-effective approach delivers the same expert instruction and interactive learning as our public courses while providing the option to tailor lessons to better meet your company's schedule and unique needs. We can also do the training using your company's data to make instruction even more relevant to your employees.  Our private group classes can be delivered online or onsite.

Click here to see our public course schedule.  Any of these courses – or parts and combinations of them – can be delivered as a private course.

Have students from multiple departments who require training? You’ll appreciate our flexible payment option that allows students to pay individually for classes using our website.


To facilitate user adoption, we can mentor individuals or small groups online or in-person at a site that's convenient for you. Students get hands-on practice with real data, using software tools that are available in their actual environment. Content is delivered at a pace geared to the individual user’s experience and role, with coursework designed based on your users’ familiarity with the software. We also arrange for remote follow-up sessions as questions or problems arise.


Senturus offers volume discounts on pre-paid training. In addition to receiving instant savings over list price, your pricing is locked in for at least 12 months. Training credits can be used for any training – public or private, traditional or mentoring – and for any class. Also, there’s no requirement to commit to a specific set of classes right now; we know that your needs will change over time.

Find out more about the benefits of making an upfront training investment with Senturus.