Using Tableau to Visualize Salesforce Data

Free, Hands-On Workshop in San Francisco

A veritable cornucopia of business insights is waiting to be gleaned from the data residing in your Salesforce database, information like the trends in win rates and pipeline growth. Tableau lets you visualize this data and provides user friendly, drillable dashboards with an intuitive drag and drop interface so that you are up and running quickly. 

During this half-day, hands-on workshop, you will learn to use Tableau and will create a dashboard against Salesforce data. In just a few hours, you’ll be comfortable navigating Tableau and creating visualizations to

  • Add visibility into the components of pipeline growth (new deals, changes in deal size, changes in deal stage)
  • Improve the ability to forecast future results
  • Track trends in your win rates
  • Track the trends in the length of your sales cycle rates
  • And loads more!

This free workshop is brought to you by Senturus, recognized experts in business analytics and training.


Workshops are limited to individuals evaluating Tableau software or Senturus services on behalf of their employer. Registrants must have a valid corporate email address (non-hotmail, gmail, yahoo) and provide complete registration profile information. All other individuals are encouraged to explore training and education options from Senturus Training.