Tableau Like a Pro in Half a Day

Free Beginner Workshop in Washington, D.C.

If you are new to Tableau or just starting out, here’s your chance to Tableau like a pro…and it’s free! After this half-day, hands-on workshop you will be comfortable navigating Tableau and will have created a dashboard that leads to actionable insights. We offer plenty of time for Q&A, so come prepared with the questions you’ve been saving up! This workshop includes coffee/light breakfast and lunch.

In just a few hours you will learn to:

Get comfortable with Tableau terminology
Become familiar with Tableau terminology such as: worksheets, dashboards, shelves, pills, marks, cards, dimensions and measures.

Create and enhance a visualization
We’ll start with dragging and dropping data onto a Tableau worksheet. Once you’ve created a visualization, we’ll show you how to enhance it using filtering, sorting, color and shapes. You’ll also build different types of visualizations such as scatter plots, bar charts and map views, and learn how to create calculated fields, which can be added to your worksheets.

Create and organize a dashboard
Learn how to drop worksheets and objects onto a dashboard, and how to design and organize your dashboard layout using visual best practices.

Learn about stories
Learn how Tableau stories combine worksheets and dashboards into a guided presentation.

Publish and share with Tableau
The various Tableau tools for publishing; sharing workbooks, dashboards and stories.

Registration Requirements

Workshops are limited to individuals evaluating Tableau software or Senturus services on behalf of their employer. Registrants must have a valid corporate email address (non-hotmail, gmail, yahoo) and provide complete registration profile information. All other individuals are encouraged to explore training and education options from Senturus Training.