Is OLAP Dead?

Can Next Gen Tools Take Over?

Poor ol’ OLAP. Like the snazzy flip phone when the iPhone was introduced, OLAP is being passed over for what’s sexy and new. Next generation visualization tools and fast technologies like columnar and in-memory databases are causing people to question the relevancy of the OLAP cube: “The OLAP cube is history,” you’ll hear. Or, “building cubes for Tableau is a waste of time.”

But is OLAP really dead?

Join us for this thought provoking and well balanced webinar where we will explore various facets of OLAP to answer this question. We’ll also be pulling in some real-life client scenarios for a pragmatic perspective.

In this webinar we’ll take you on an OLAP journey. We’ll look at

  • Traditional OLAP and its role and limitations in modern BI
  • The pros and cons of the big three current OLAP technologies — IBM Cognos Dynamic and Transformer Cubes and Microsoft SSAS – as well as TMI and Hyperion Essbase
  • OLAP vs new generation visualization tools such as Tableau, Qlik, Cognos Analytics (v11)
  • OLAP vs columnar and in-memory databases
  • Vendors and open source solutions that are creating new scalable OLAP for big data

Before you hold a funeral for OLAP, make sure you check out this webinar.