Enhancing BI with Predictive Analytics

Real World Applications

Predictive analytics is no longer a still-fictional technology best suited for sci-fi movies. What was formerly only potential is now possible. But with the proliferation of technology companies selling space-age, overly complicated solutions, organizations are often challenged about where to sensibly start.

It turns out that most (or all) of the data for making meaningful predictions more than likely exists in your organization. And getting to ROI is easier than you might think.

Join us for this webinar and take a journey into the attainable. We’ll walk you through an actual client use case study to show you how using predictive modeling saved them over $1million in their first quarter alone. And we’ll talk about different applications for predictive analysis and what’s needed to start your own project.

We’ll be leaving plenty of time for Q&A so come ready with your questions!



Arik T. Killion
Advanced Analytics Architect
Senturus, Inc.

Arik’s 16-year track record in advanced and predictive analytics dates back to the infancy of interactive marketing. Over the years, he has developed deep experience using a variety of methodologies from simple quantitative statistics to predictive modeling techniques and text/sentiment analysis in order to produce actionable insights, guide strategic management decisions and acquire meaningful business intelligence. Before joining Senturus, Arik was a senior consulting data scientist and technical professional at IBM. Arik also served as the director of analytics for a large national marketing agency. He delivered on key projects for clients such as Kia Motors, Chrysler Group, Honda/Acura, Mitsubishi Motors, Kraft Foods, Nestle/Gerber, Allergan, Lowe’s, Verizon Wireless, JD Power, Nielsen Ratings Group, Electronic Arts, Sony Entertainment and many others.