Cool Improvements for Report Developers in Cognos Analytics R7+

Go-to features missing in previous releases of V11 are back

For report writers, it was hard not to be bummed by the first several releases of Cognos Analytics. Some of the go-to features and functionality that we relied on in previous generations of Cognos reports seemed to either go away, or change unexpectedly. For instance, in R5 there were issues with synchronized drill-down (behavior changed). Bookmarks, Tables of Content and Report References just didn’t work the way we had hoped. As we’ve been working with these features in R7, our hopes have been restored. It’s time to get fired up again about using Cognos to build reports! 

Join us for a live webinar where we will share all our cool reporting discoveries along with tips and demos. During this interactive event you will learn

  • How to use these newly refreshed features to add interactivity to your reports with OLAP data.
  • Simple techniques for creating briefing book-style reports based on existing reports using report references and tables of contents (really cool!).
  • How to use the report pages framework to combine various presentations of data into a single report, complete with hyperlinked tables of contents and bookmarks.

Albert Valdez
Vice President of Learning Solutions
Senturus, Inc.

Albert is the Vice President of Learning Solutions at Senturus. He has more than 17 years of experience in business intelligence education and technical training. In addition to founding and running the Senturus training division, Albert also serves in various roles in the company including senior consultant and solutions architect. Before joining Senturus, he was a Senior Education Specialist at Cognos. Albert is an IBM Cognos Certified Trainer and has his lifetime CTT and certification from CompTIA.