Senturus Analytics Connector


Until now, Tableau users have been unable to take advantage of the significant business analytics investments their organizations have made in Cognos. Because Tableau connects directly to raw data sources, users bypass the governed, prepared data in Cognos. This ungoverned access means they end up spending 80% of their time remodeling the data. More important, it results in a potential compromise to data integrity and security.

Senturus has bridged this gap with a software connector that ties into Cognos as a data source for Tableau. With the power of Tableau and Cognos working in concert, organizations experience significant benefits that both IT and business users can appreciate.




Now you can give your users the agility they crave while leveraging the efforts you already expended to model and govern the data.


The Senturus Analytics Connector saves time and reduces risk:

How it works:

  • Connects securely to Cognos via ODBC.
  • Retrieves Cognos Package metadata.
  • Lets users drag and drop query subjects into Tableau.
  • Requires no joining or remodeling.
  • Pushes queries back to Cognos for optimal execution.

Supported environments:

  • IBM Cognos 10.2.x/11
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012
  • Tableau 9.x/10 (64-bit Windows)

Cognos Server:

  • Must have dispatcher access to Cognos
  • Must have metadata access rights to Cognos (i.e., can create reports using Report Studio, WSA, etc.)

Core components (minimum requirements):

  • Modern Dual-Core i5/i7/Xeon or better processor
  • 8GB of memory

Supported Cognos data sources:

  • Relational, dimensionally modeled relational (DMR) and Power Cubes

Requirements for the Tableau Windows box:

  • 20GB of disk space
  • 64-bit Java 1.8 x64 or later (will be automatically installed if not present)
  • MS .Net Framework 4.5.1 (will be automatically installed if not present)
  • 64-bit MS Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 x64 (will be automatically installed if not present)
  • Tableau 9.x/10.x (Desktop and/or Server)

Other requirements:

  • User must have administrator rights to the Tableau box for installation purposes.
  • ODBC compliant

Q: Where is the Senturus Analytics Connector installed?
A: The Connector needs to be installed wherever the extract is being created. This is typically a Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server.

Q: What type of skills and time are required to install the Senturus Analytics Connector?
A: Standard installation takes about two hours and requires standard Windows administration (i.e., installation, environment variable setting, some minor registry edits).

Q: Which BI platforms are supported?
A: The Senturus Analytics Connector is designed to connect to Tableau to IBM Cognos BI 10.2.x and Cognos Analytics 11.x. We have specifically designed the Connector so that it can be configured for other enterprise BI systems such as Tableau 9.x/10.x and Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012).

Q: Which types of Cognos data sources are supported?
A: Currently relational, dimensionally modeled relational (DMR), Dynamic Cubes and PowerCubes are supported as Cognos data sources.

Q: Is support included with the Senturus Analytics Connector and, if so, who provides it?
A: Support is provided by Senturus and included in the price of the Connector.

Q: What is the difference between live and extract query support?
A; We support both live and extract query functionality; however, certain live query functionality is limited. We are continuously enhancing this functionality based on needs and feedback.

Q: When was the Senturus Analytics Connector released?
A: The Connector was released for general availability on November 7, 2016.

Q: What are the licensing implications for Cognos?
A: For extracts, Cognos BI analytics user license or equivalent is required to allow extraction creation. A Cognos license is not required to connect to extracts, just a Senturus Analytics Connector license is needed. For a live connect, a Cognos BI analytics user license or equivalent is required.

Q: What are the Framework Manager model requirements for use with the Senturus Analytics Connector?
A: There are no special modeling requirements for the Connector, except those necessary to work around current live query limitations. However, Tableau requires that joins are created between query subjects, even if they don’t have a relationship specified at that level of abstraction. The Connector will automatically create dummy joins, but will ignore them, letting Cognos handle them in the background.

Q: How is security handled by the Senturus Analytics Connector?
A: Username and password credentials are stored as part of the Connector configuration and are passed through to Cognos during extract creation, thereby enforcing relevant security applied within the Cognos environment.

Q: How often would updates be released during the year and how much time would it take to apply them?
A: Updates will be released as functionality is added or bug fixes dictate. We do not have a formal release timeline established yet. Updates should be fairly easy and only take a few minutes.

Q: What is the method for accessing Cognos via Tableau?
A: The Senturus Analytics Connector uses an ODBC connection to connect to Cognos.